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"[Aryn] brought a great deal of sophisticated creativity and artistic initiative to the rehearsal process, resulting in many of these ideas, and artistic solutions, finding their way into the eventual production. [Their] preparation was exemplary and the choices that [they] brought into the room possessed integrity, wit and specificity. [Their] playing of young Pip in performance was consistently honest, heartfelt and technically sophisticated, whilst [their] ensemble play was dextrous, witty and imaginative in its execution."

- Chris Meads, Director, Great Expectations

"Aryn is very assured. She has a light and deft approach which suits radio very well."

- Kristine Landon, Radio Instructor

"There are intercontinental ballistic missiles with less [range]."

- Walker Robeson, Actor

"Aryn is quite simply one of the most exceptional young actors I’ve been lucky enough to work with. Her dedication, attention to detail & precision with text is matched by her playfulness & creativity in performance. She has strength & subtlety on stage, creates great moments for her cast-mates & always gives 100%."

- Lizzie Conrad Hughes, Artistic Director, Shakes-scene Shakespeare

"Aryn works very well on camera, and demonstrated her understanding of what is required through consistently well-pitched work...She is focused, connected and energised...truthful and interesting to watch."

- Caroline Webster, Film Instructor

"Aryn is a consummate professional. As a performer, she exudes a quiet confidence, a natural intelligence, and a joy in the work that is infectious. Her sensitivity to the nuances of character and language is acute. As a coach, she demands the same level of preparation and attention to detail that she brings to her own work. She encourages but she does not coddle."

- Scott Cummings, Boston College

New York, NY

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